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07 Sep 2021

Visual impairment: here is the system to promote mobility

The city wants to make itself more accessible and inclusive. Initiative of the Municipality, Union of the Blind and Visually Impaired and Lions.

For some time now, Cna has placed sustainable mobility and sociality among the most significant trade union policy activities and […]

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06 Sep 2021


Blind people, a “talking” stick and a microchip to move independently

The device was designed by Marino Attini from Trieste. A microchip allows you to communicate with the environment. It intercepts the signalers located ad hoc on the territory.

The technology to support the independence of the blind. This is the idea behind LETIsmart, a device applied to the […]

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29 Jul 2021

The visually impaired and the elderly, the ‘smart’ stick arrives to orient yourself in the city

Totally made in Italy and adopted for the first time in Trieste, the high-tech solution LETIsmart is within everyone's reach, can be integrated with the aids normally in use, and will allow the blind to move independently, with advantages also for the disabled and elderly.

As if it were Siri or Alexa but hidden in the traditional white cane for the blind. Just talk to […]

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01 Apr 2021


Two technological solutions to improve personal safety and autonomy in the urban environment of the blind and visually impaired

In this article we tell the story of one of us and his idea that was born from the awareness […]

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